How it came to be

It was roughly three years ago that I stumbled upon a book called Tao of Photography by Phillippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro.  It was only after reading this book and applying its principles to the process of photography that my images began to truly take shape. When I stopped trying so hard to force the image and became an aimless wanderer with a camera, nothing more, images just seemed to happen.  Something would catch the corner of my eye- a shape, a color, a shadow- and the elements would simply fall into the frame, and then it’s just a matter of pressing the shutter.  This is what my images are, the result of being in the correct state of mind, of being open to the possibilities and potential in the world around me.  When I leave my house and enter the world with the explicit intent of finding a ‘good’ image, when I begin forming preconceived ideas of what I will photograph and what it should look like, the image doesn’t happen;  it is in letting go of these things that images appear.