To be honest, I get no satisfaction from my finished images. The image itself means nothing to me; it is the process of obtaining the image that provides me with the satisfaction that keeps me looking for more- along the streets and in the pavement, in the chipped paint, in the mad colors and fleeting shapes, always looking.  Each image is the result of hours of aimless searching and intense looking, fueled by depression and existential angst.  Each image is a meditation, a respite from the gnawing questions of doubt and uncertainty weighing on my soul.  My only hope in sharing these images is that the viewer get some of the same joy and relief that I received in finding them.

Bio: Matthew Hall lives in a quiet corner of the world known as Rhode Island, nestled between Boston and New York.  He continues to work six nights a week at a dead end job that is slowly breaking his body while crushing his spirit.  Regardless he continues to drag his carcass around in search of photos, meaning and a place in the world.  A single-minded hammer-like determination to escape his present existence keeps his feet moving toward that pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel.  His favorite quote comes from baseball’s disgraced all-time hit leader Pete Rose, who said “I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball”.  Little green plants sprouting up from between the cracks in the pavement bring him joy.   Recently two of his projects have been published in Dodho Magazine.